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In our day care center classrooms, your child will work in an individual pace and in a group setting. They will enjoy the freedom of choice to utilize various materials that can help him acquire and develop concentration, confidence and coordination. Our teachers will help your child through their “sensitive periods” (a time when learning is effortless or exciting) by providing with means and or opportunities for discovery and learning.


The Children's Place is fully equipped with a broad spectrum of Montessori materials that will encourage manipulation, questions, discoveries and knowledge the surroundings. The Montessori method stresses the process of learning rather than the end result.

Your child will be introduced to:

  • Sensorial

  • Practical Life Activities

  • Art

  • Music and Movement

  • Math

  • Reading

  • Foreign Language

  • Science

  • Yoga


In addition, we also offer field trips, special guests and art fairs.


The Day Care room substitutes for the child’s activities at home with opportunities for fantasy, housekeeping, puppetry, music and a variety of construction and table top toys. Our beautiful, natural surroundings can by enjoyed from the large windows in every room. Our outdoor equipment encourages physical growth and large motor skills. The infants/ toddlers have a separate play area with age appropriate play equipment.


The staff of The Children's Place brings dedication and commitment to the facility with a combination of Montessori training and child care experience. They come with an awareness of how a young child develops and learn, and serve as resource persons, observers, role models and care givers.


Our ‘Open Door’ policy encourages parents to visit the child in his/her special place. We value the uniqueness of every child and are pledged to make each family’s experience with The Children's Place the best it can be.

About Us

Thank your for visiting the website of The Children's Place. We are an independently owned and operated child day care center in Herndon, Virginia. Our system of education is a philosophy of child growth and a rationale for guiding such growth. We have Montessori certified teachers who will meet and exceed the developmental needs of your child and our parents’ expectations. The Children's Place's  system of education is based on the philosophies of  Dr. Maria Montessori. She was a famous educator and psychologist. Dr. Montessori believed that by opening a progression of materials which will satisfy the emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs of the child, their needs and interests will open up new worlds and will promote self-construction.

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