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Beyond the Walls: Beyond the Walls is a nature awareness education program. Its mission is to help children develop

a sense of comfort in the outdoor environment in a manner that inspires awe and wonder, curiosity and exploration. Every Wednesday, the children go outside to explore. They have the opportunity to learn the names of local plants

and animals, to experience weather and the cycle of the seasons, to hike and explore the surrounding wooded area,

and to use their imaginations to create their own outdoor space in the woods.

Music and movement: Every Tuesday, with a variety of songs in different tempos, along with fun and

developmentally appropriate activities, your child receives a rich music and movement experience that

stimulates and supports their growing skills and understanding by exploring different beats and rhythms 

with their bodies and voices.

Spanish: Once a week, school provides Spanish instruction to the morning classes. The pre primary and primary

children learn basic Spanish vocabulary and phrases as well as songs and stories.

Art: Our art classes for kids include painting (acrylic, watercolor, and oil pastel) on paper as well as on canvas. We focus on developing a sense of color, composition, and self confidence. Our drawing classes focus on linear perspective in drawings, such as line of horizon, diminishing of the objects, and air. We also develop pencil drawing skills, with a sense of the line, shade, and tone

Yoga: Yoga has many benefits that we believe are important for our students. Physically yoga enhances flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. Mentally, yoga improves concentration and provides a sense of calmness and relaxation.

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