At The Children’s Place, our teachers carefully prepare classroom environments, which emphasize consistency and dependability. Each activity has a place; and projects are carried out in an orderly, relaxed manner.

The teachers create a nurturing environment, which encourages individual and social development for both the younger and older child.

TCP’s warm and loving teachers spark the children’s imaginations and kindle in them a sense of limitless possibilities the world has to offer. By truly believing in each child’s potential, the teacher encourages the child’s self-confidence and promotes positive attitudes toward lifelong learning.

Dr. Montessori called the teacher a “directress” because she guides the child’s activity within the environment rather than instructing each step of the process. The teacher is the vital link between the child and the environment. She matches the materials to the child’s needs. She needs to have an open mind and a working knowledge and understanding of the child’s skills. The Montessori classroom is organized and disciplined. Personal liberty and freedom exist whenever it is not in conflict with the needs of the community.

Each head teacher has received training from an accredited Montessori teacher training center and has an Associate’s degree. Additionally, each assistant in the classroom has received assistants’ training. Professional development is encouraged and expected of all staff members each year.

We believe that Montessori is more than an educational method. It is a philosophy of life. It does enable a child to develop to the fullest extent possible his/her potential for initiative, independence, inner discipline, creativity, and self-confidence. It teaches a child to observe, discover, and learn about the world in which s/he lives.